IFASHION AFRICA  is a made in Africa clothing line offering quality, trendy African inspired fashion at affordable prices. With our love for fashion and passion for self-expression through unique clothing, Nigerian-born Sam launched the IFASHION AFRICA brand at the beginning of 2020. IFASHION AFRICA is centered on inspiring individuals to confidently dress boldly and beautifully. All garments are made with great attention to quality.

Fashion is not something that exists in what we wear only. Fashion is everywhere; the sky, in the street, in ideas, the way we live, and everything happening around us.


  • Opportunities to give our Nigerian clients to patronize and wear proudly African attire as fully made in Nigeria.
  • Affordable and quality African/Nigerian dresses for both Nigerian and our foreign admirers.
  • Request for a well-defined design of choice at affordable prices.
  • We are encouraging Africans and non-Africans to patronize our original African designs.
  • Client:
    Mr. Sam Kumolu
  • Company:
    Ifashion Africa
  • Location :
    United Kingdom
  • Date:
    30 April, 2019
  • Website:
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