Media and Creativity

Innovations are disrupting media and entertainment. How will new technology change audiences, business models, and storytelling itself? Digital has created a new world order. For those of us in the media and entertainment industry,

Market Analysis

Information & communication technology (ICT) has always been a dynamic industry due to rapid technological development. The industry growth is currently driven by the rapid emergence of cloud computing in various areas such as healthcare,

Cyber and System Security

We depend on information and information technology (IT) to make many of our day-to-day tasks easier and more convenient. Computers play key roles in transportation, health care, banking, and energy. Businesses use IT for

Consultation Services

In the current highly competitive and dynamic business environment, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are more than ever a critical enabler for an organization’s success, since it constitutes a source of competitive advantage and

Awareness and Publicity

The way enterprise technology and software companies need to approach marketing themselves is evolving and it is imperative to leverage tactics that will produce real results. In the face of increased competition for attention on digital

Project Development & Maintenance

When you’re working in a private or government setting, it’s easy to assume that a project is on track – that a policy is being updated, say – when in reality it’s stuck spinning

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